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CTP Claim Advice was created by CTP legal experts from Australia’s largest specialist personal injury firm - Law Partners. It breaks down the CTP scheme and shows you exactly what you need to do to make sure you get the full compensation you deserve.

We built this site after the CTP scheme changed on December 1, 2017. The new scheme prevents lawyers from being paid to assist you to complete your application and is basically managed by the insurance companies. They determine how much you get, and they assess your dispute if you’re not happy with their decision.

So we’ve created this free resource to stop countless Australians missing out on compensation they deserve because they simply don’t know the rules. And if you’re having any problems along the way you can speak to a specialist CTP lawyer - it’s a free service.

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Lodging your claim.

The CTP scheme is managed by the insurance companies who make your compensation payments - they are judge and jury on your claim. But if you follow a few simple tips, you can dramatically increase how much compensation you receive. CTP Claim Advice contains articles, videos and step-by step guides from legal specialists to help you claim your full entitlements.

Checking & Disputing.

Under the CTP scheme many people are being under-paid or having their benefits cut off before they’ve fully recovered. The biggest mistake you can make is simply accepting the insurer’s decision – the truth is, you may well be entitled to compensation you’re not being told about.The articles and videos in this section show you how to assess the insurer’s decision, and dispute it if it’s unfair to you.

Lump Sum Payments.

If your injury has been assessed as non-minor and you weren’t the driver at fault, you’re entitled to make a common law damages claim for a lump sum, to cover your income loss and pain and suffering. The articles and videos in this section show how to successfully claim your lump sum.


Here you’ll find links and downloads to help you lodge your claim, check your payments, lodge a dispute with the insurer or claim a lump sum.

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